Improving basketball footwork. One step at a time.

I wanted to thank you for everything you brought to Hunter!! You will be missed and you have made an amazing difference every time you entered the gym, with the kids and our coaching staff - the entire basketball program!! Love the passion - amazing!! See you in the NBA... Save us some tickets !!
— Neil Potter, Hunter High School Athletic Director and Varsity Boys Head Coach
We were so grateful to have participated in Ido’s basketball training clinic. The skills and footwork instruction was taught in a way that improved Evan’s skills as a player, with immediate results. More importantly, Ido Singer is by far the best coach that Evan has had the opportunity to work with. Ido has a unique way of instilling confidence in every kid on the court, and his teaching style is effective in improving skills and self-respect in every athlete.
— Evan Sisitsky-7th grade, age 12 & The Sisitsky Family


Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.
— Henry Ford
Our daughter has had the great fortune of playing on Ido’s 7th grade AAU team this Spring. In all of our years guiding our children through sports teams, clinics, and camps, we have never seen this unique style of coaching….intense, focused, smart, and nurturing. Ido went from his initial introduction to this team of girls, to tournament play in under a week. He got to know each individual player, zeroed in on her strengths, and managed to pull them into a very tight, hard-working team. His philosophy of coaching has left our daughter pushing herself beyond what she ever thought she could do, smiling all the way.
— Geoff & Martha Huebner
Coach's thoughts from the bench - Click on the pic!

Coach's thoughts from the bench - Click on the pic!

What's new?

All it took was a few emails, two practices and a tournament to make us realize what a gift our daughter, Caroline, was given when Ido Singer became her AAU coach. Ido’s communication skills are spectacular. His website filled with useful videos and articles is impressive. His “way” with the girls is positive and inspirational. His knowledge of basketball and the level of training our daughter is receiving from him is beyond our expectations. Caroline loves going to practice and very quickly had a great deal of respect and admiration for this coach. Thank you, Coach Ido, for making this spring AAU experience such an amazing one for our daughter!!!!!
— Chris & Pam Wilson

AAU 8th Grade Girls Last Practice - Players VS. Parents game Photo Gallery

My son, Anthony really loves working with Coach Ido because he focuses on basketball being fun and loving the sport. He is constantly encouraging him to do better and when mistakes are made he steps in to correct them in a constructive way, never in a destructive way. As a parent I find Coach Ido to be a great mentor for my son. He demonstrates qualities that every coach should strive to have. He shows the kids that it is okay to fail, just as long as you keep trying. The skills that are taught in the footwork clinics are without question extremely valuable, but so are the lessons in sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork.
— Crystal Hoyt - Parent

6 years old right after playing some basketball...


I started playing basketball at the age of 7. My very first glorious move in practice was a travel (No dribble was needed not did I think it was necessary!) off my first catch... 

I then kept practicing and working hard, climbed through the ranks, from pee-wees to U18 until I got my first shot at the pro level at 17 years old.

I then went on to play on the professional level in Israel for almost 7 years, racking up points, rebounds and most important - memories I would not trade for anything in the world. 

I decided to stop playing basketball and to take a short break to go to college in California.  

It was after I have moved to NYC that the basketball bug took control of me in the form of coaching.  

I had no idea how great this next chapter would be... 

Director of Basketball Operation, UMass Lowell Women's. A dream come true.

Director of Basketball Operation, UMass Lowell Women's. A dream come true.


I am the Director of Basketball Operations for the UMass Lowell Women's Basketball. 2014 - 2015 will be my first year working in the NCAA DI level and I couldn't be more excited and motivated to coach!

After coaching at the middle school and high school levels, as well as the DIII level with Nichols College last season as an Assistant Women's Basketball Coach, I am making the move to DI. Undoubtedly, I have made the best choice for my career and personal life in moving to Massachusetts in April of 2013. 

Teaming up with MT Elite AAU only 2 days after moving I have been so fortunate to be coaching 2 great girls teams, along with the opportunity to continue running skills clinics and camps in the Massachusetts area. 

As I continue to build my local network and work hard every day, I am blessed to have the best support system in the world, with a great family and my wife Jaime and my dog Bamba by my side. 

Don't get it wrong - we're on the same team...

Coaching at Madison Square Garden has been a life-long dream. 

Coaching at Madison Square Garden has been a life-long dream. 


As I continue to work at my craft on a daily basis I am humbled by every opportunity the present itself to me.

Whether it is working with teams, individual training or skills clinics, I continue to work hard and improve my skills in order to be prepared when the opportunity present itself. 

There is never enough time for learning all the things I want to learn and for growing as much as I would like to grow in this profession and as a person. 

"I still have great passion for the game and for coaching. But the Olympic experience taught me a lot of things and when you combine passion with new knowledge you continue to grow. And I never want to stop growing. "

- Mike Krzyzewski. 

If one of the best coaches in the world has this kind of passion for growth at his age, how can I afford to have any less?

With 2 girls (5th grade & 7th grade) who have been playing basketball since the 3rd grade I have sat through every practice and every game for their school, recreation league as well as AAU teams. It didn’t take long to notice the difference in the way Coach Ido ran a practice. His footwork drills and his offensive movement drills were exactly what my girls weren’t learning elsewhere. They had practiced their lay-ups, foul shots and give and go’s but didn’t really know how to move on offense with or without the ball. The first skills clinic I brought them to with Coach Ido we were early for & I got to watch him run an offensive movement drill with a group of 7th grade girls & I instantly knew that his coaching would be different. Later in that season I was watching that 7th grade team in an AAU tournament. The girls starting running their “play” and I don’t think even Coach Ido calls it a play …. I can tell you that the defending team simply could not stop them. It was for lack of a better way to put it Pre-planned yet totally random movement. Having seen them struggle with this movement early in the season and then get to see them run it in a game successfully was pretty cool. I’m looking forward to future seasons with Coach Ido.
— Gerald Maguire

Who Am I...?

My name is Ido Singer and I am a basketball coach, teacher and student of the game. I am a former professional European player that fell out of love with playing the game and madly in love with teaching and coaching it. 

My passion in life is to share my knowledge, as well as learn all that I can about this great game. I have coached players of all ages, ranging from six years old to eighteen in both high school and AAU, NCAA and all the way to professional players.  

Being an avid learner of the game of basketball, having learned from many great professional coaches, and with my recent work with an NBA skill development coach, I believe I bring a unique approach to coaching basketball and to skill development. I continue to learn and get better every day. I intend to share my knowledge on this website with you.

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